ClemNet GearBox cloud-based network performance and penetration tool designed for OT/industrial networks

Are you OT networks Secure

Industrial, manufacturing, and build automation companies can't make the mistake of putting off security. ClemNet offers risk-free penetration testing.

Operational Technology Networks should be secure. The data gathered from OT devices must be accessible to your organization's partners. We at ClemTech make this process secure and verify it is.”

— Clement Johnson

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2021 / — General Description
ClemNet is offering our GearBox performance and penetration testing tool to businesses and organizations in the state of California that need to know the current state of the operational technology networks.

ClemNet GearBox is a cloud-based network performance and penetration testing tool 1 designed for the unique requirements of IoT/Operational/Industrial technology networks. The GearBox appliance is manufactured by Infrastructure Proving Grounds (IPG).

ClemNet GearBox protects your connect smart infrastructure.
Survelleillance cameras, HVAC systems, metering infrastructure, industrial controls and every other smart or connected system is vulnerable to cybersecurity and performance risks. GearBox provides critical insight allowing you to ensure your assets are performing according to specification, free from risky security vulnerabilities. GearBox helps you fine, assess and fix performance and cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Summary and Statement of Construction
The ClemNet GearBox appliance can be installed for either a one-time use (such as project commissioning) or on a permanent basis. The GearBox appliance itself is designed to secure the information it collects. The GearBox appliance is built on US-based Intel hardware2 with assembly in the United States. IPG does no software development in China or Soviet Bloc countries. GearBox uses NIST 800-53 R2 Reference Model and produces content in alignment with the Common Vulnerability and Exposure (CVE) Database. The National Vulnerability Database is jointly operated by MITRE and the Department of Homeland Security.

It is estimated that the Industrial Internet of Things (I-IoT) will touch 43% of the world economy, encompassing over 150 billion deployed devices by 2022. It is also estimated that 1/2 of all firms have experienced I-IoT related security breaches. GearBox is an on-premise appliance that provides encryption and secure gateway services for I-IoT devices and I-IoT defined networks.

Maintenance and firmware updates for I-IoT devices and networks are seldomly performed according to manufacturer's specifications and as such, create a lack of availability, performance, and integrity. GearBox provides on-premise caching and staging for critical maintenance and management operations for I-IoT defined networks.

I-IoT defined networks are federated and unwieldy. GearBox creates a mechanism to orchestrate and synchronize the devices and networks within an organization so that performance and functionality are optimized.

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GearBox Setup and Operation

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