Electric Generators Find New Revenue Solutions with the Crypto-Mining Sourcing Platform

OUS Capital has created a platform that connects energy generators with cryptocurrency miners who are in search of reliable, cost-efficient electricity.

DELAVAN, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cryptominers use computers to compete and solve complex mathematical equations which serve as verifications of a digital currency transactions, which are then updated on a shared ledger called the ‘blockchain’. And since cryptocurrencies are decentralized (there are no intermediaries recording the transactions), crypto-miners are essential to keeping the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem afloat.

But crypto-mining is not without obstacles. There are environmental impacts caused by power plants needed to generate the electricity required to power all the cryptocurrency mining computers around the world (the electricity used globally just to mine the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is more than the entire country of Argentina consumes in a year).

Then there are the cost issues. A single crypto-mining rig can devour 1,000 watts of power, equivalent to running a medium-sized window air-conditioning unit. And not only do the mining rigs gobble up power, they also generate quite a lot of heat; the more rigs in operation, the hotter a mining facility can get. So if miners don’t want their mining rigs to melt, they need cooling – and a lot of it – running around the clock.

For a time, crypto-miners found low-cost energy in places like China. However, electric-grid and infrastructure problems have forced China to evict those cryptocurrency miners, and many of them have started to move to the US as they search for reliable electricity. This has created a new and incredible opportunity for US-based power generators.

Onsite Utility Services Capital (OUS Capital) has created a platform that connects energy generators with cryptocurrency miners who are in search of reliable, cost-efficient electricity. With renewables and regulations changing the power-generation landscape and making traditional markets more difficult to serve, forward-looking power generators are capitalizing on this surging trend for cryptocurrency mining power as a way to quickly and easily add more revenues.

For example, just think of the revenues that a power generator can add from signing a single crypto-mining operation to hundreds of megawatts of power for a multi-year term … OUS Capital has actually just recently done this, delivering a solution for 300 megawatts to a crypto-mining operation for a five-year service term.

Fritz Kreiss, OUS Capital’s CEO, has indicated that, “With our 28 years of activity in the power generation and power marketing industry, we are well situated to coordinate new opportunities for the generators to connect with the crypto miners.”

OUS Capital has a deep network of cryptocurrency miners across the U.S. who are actively and aggressively searching for new and cost-efficient sources of reliable energy to power their mining operations. Power generators like solar farms, wind farms, facilities with microgrids, buildings with idle generators, power plants of all sizes, or any organization that has equipment that can reliably generate electricity all may be able to quickly and easily those resources into brand new revenues through the OUS Capital Crypto-Mining Resource Platform.

Power generators can learn more by contacting OUS Capital at 844-768-7227, by email at info@ouscapital.com or by visiting www.onsiteutilityservices.com/cryptominingpowerassets.

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