Quantum Energy Technologies secures Distribution Agreement with 5 BY 5 for its Patented Downhole EM Antenna Network

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The agreement provides Quantum with access to all aspects of the 1 Solution technology for use with its customer base as well as sold direct to operator.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, October 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Quantum Energy Technologies (Quantum) today, announces it has entered into a distribution agreement with 5 BY 5, for its patented 1 Solution wireless EM Antenna network technology (1 Solution). The agreement provides Quantum with access to all aspects of the 1 Solution technology for use with its customer base as well as sold direct to operator.

Much like a cell phone tower connects to phones and rebroadcasting those communication signals to other towers, 1 Solution picks up communication signals from deep underground, sometimes as deep as 14,000 feet, and rebroadcasts wirelessly to an area network. Unlike a cell tower, 1 Solution focuses on electrical data signals specifically created by specific drilling tools (EM-MWD) that are used to drill deep wells underground in applications such as geothermal and oil & natural gas exploration.

Quantum plans to combine its next generation high-speed EM-MWD system with 1 Solution’s downhole network to provide a step change in downhole underground communications, which can be broadcast across a wide area that Operators can tap into like a cell phone network. In addition to its networking, 1 Solution also acts as a signal booster resulting in higher data speeds and lower power settings, thereby increasing the amount of information transmitted and reducing battery consumption and waste.

“Quantum is pleased to partner with 5 BY 5 on its 1 Solution technology,” said Jim Bush, CEO of Quantum, adding, “We plan to combine this product with our growing fleet of next generation EM-MWD tools in the coming quarter to provide unparalleled bandwidth and signal reception to our expanding customer base.”

“We are excited about the potential for 1 Solution with this collaboration. Quantum brings a lot of engineering and distribution horsepower to the table with its technology portfolio. Couple that with our patented 1 Solution underground antenna network, and you have a great combination. We look forward to seeing the success here as well as in international markets,” said Travis McDougall, President of 5 BY 5.

About Quantum:
Houston based Quantum, operates one of the largest MWD sales and rental businesses in North America, and is devoted to “skunk-work” style development of unique measurements & communication technologies used in the course of drilling and logging oil, gas and geothermal wells. In addition, the business proudly employs some of the world’s top engineering minds at its Quantum Technology Center.

About 5 BY 5:
Michigan based 5 BY 5 provides services for its patented 1 Solution to operators and service companies across North America. 5 BY 5 employs a highly skilled operations team that continues to put a customer first mindset to work.

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Source: EIN Presswire