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Imagine yourself as a leader in today’s Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology fields.

We continue to search for cutting edge design and educational opportunities to offer our students so they will not just be ready for today’s world but also for the leadership roles of tomorrow.”

— Dr. Paul Eidson

GREAT FALLS, MONTANA, USA, July 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — As more and more businesses and business operations embrace IT and AI applications, there is a growing need for qualified leaders to manage these cutting-edge sectors. With many institutions offering degrees in IT and AI, what has been lacking in the market are programs aimed at training leaders and entrepreneurs in these fields. To meet these needs, Apollos University has added new fields of study that will help working professionals gain valuable and sought-after expertise. Two of these new concentrations are a Doctor of Business Administration in Artificial Intelligence and a Doctor of Business Administration in Information Technology.

As data driven, machine learning becomes more and more common place in virtually every industry, the technological fields are among the fastest growing fields today and Apollos is innovating in these areas, bringing leadership studies together with the more practical elements of IT and AI. As part of Apollos University’s mission, we understand the importance in providing educational programs that provide our students with knowledge that is designed for not only today but also for the future. Dr. Jae Maloney, Apollos Alumni and head of the Distance Learning XR and AI project at Apollos, stated, “these new concentrations were added so leaders can obtain a highly sought-after doctorate in business while increasing their knowledge in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology.”

“Apollos is an established educational leader in AI and IT, stated Dr. Paul Eidson, Chair of the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program, adding, “we continue to search for cutting edge design and educational opportunities to offer our students so they will not just be ready for today’s world but also for the leadership roles of tomorrow.”

By conducting a quick review of open positions posted online, one quickly sees that the demand is high, and the financial gains are great. A qualified Artificial Intelligence Developer can expect to make a yearly six figure salary of around $125,000. Likewise, a qualified Information Technology Developer can expect to make $80,000 and higher.

According to a recent Whitepaper published by Pluralsight LLC, “The global workforce is undergoing a massive technological shift that many are calling the ‘fourth Industrial Revolution.’ According to a recent World Economic Forum report, nearly a third of the most important skillsets in 2025 will be comprised of technology skills not yet considered imperative to the job today.” It is therefore imperative that leader of both today and tomorrow understand the trends and direction of machine learning and IT applications.

AI is transforming virtually every aspect of our lives. Business leaders need to seize the inertia of innovation and understand both the implications and capabilities of IT and AI for their organizations. These doctoral concentrations prepare students for real-world application of AI and IT solutions in their workplaces. Courses include Analytics, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning; Robotics; and Artificial Intelligence Adoption. Upon completion of the degree program, students will be able to integrate AI and IT seamlessly into the business or technical process of an organization.

Whether it is for personal or business use, we are seeing IT and AI incorporated into all aspects of our lives, from medicine, education, and law enforcement, to marketing, communication, finance, transportation, entertainment, and weather forecasting. IT and AI functionalities are quickly becoming the driving force in the global economy. These new doctoral concentrations prepare students for advanced careers in IT service management, software engineering, and audit functions at their workplaces. Courses include IT Service Management; Software Engineering; IT Auditing; and Leading IT Innovations. Upon completion of the degree program, students will be able to integrate IT and AI innovations within an organization.

The DBA prepares leaders in business organizations and business studies through applied, practical, and project-oriented learning. Candidates complete both coursework and a dissertation project in their focus area. Students can choose from the standard DBA with elective courses relevant to their current or target career paths or enroll in one of the new concentrations and take their career to a new level. Graduates of the program undergo what one recent student has termed a “mental maturation” process that prepares them to lead organizations effectively, apply both academic theory and practical applications to business problems, perform effective business and academic research, engage in lifelong learning, and share their knowledge as leaders and educators in the field of business.

Come join the Apollos University worldwide student and alumni body as we move into the future with innovative and dynamic degree programs. For more information about Apollos University and our programs, please contact us at info@apollos.edu or call 406-799-1515.

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