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Ting Chang Introduces Clean Virtual Power

MicroNOC EVP Ting Chang Introduces Clean Virtual Power

Our No Purchase, No Lease clean energy program gives businesses 25% off electricity rate. We provide all necessary equipment; you provide the facility.

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA, UNITED STATES, December 2, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — As demonstrated vividly during the 2020 California power blackouts, our electric grid's supply and demand imbalance is an issue that affects almost everyone. For utilities and power companies, imbalance creates the need for expensive thermal generators such as fossil and gas peakers to help fulfill our energy needs during highest hours of demand. For consumers and businesses, grid imbalance leads to more expensive energy and demand rates. The biggest problem is our oversupply of intermittent generation resources such as wind and solar energy. While these sources are renewable and clean, they cannot be switched on and off at will, and thus are unable to be relied upon to satisfy demand for energy at peak hours. California's spiking peak hours currently being mitigated through the use of GHG emission thermal generators, most often fueled by natural gas. These plants are only turned on intermittently during peak hours to help with peak loads during the hours of 4-9 PM.

MicroNOC’s property based Clean Virtual Power (CVP™) stations help our grid overcome its supply issues, and therefore lower its greenhouse gas emissions. CVP consists of many individual On-Demand resources such as energy storage system (ESS) resource working in tandem to fulfill the energy needs of consumers. During hours of oversupply such as solar supplying more during day than demand usage needs rather than wasting it, CVP’s On-Demand Resources will store energy from the grid using ESS. Then, during hours of higher demand needs than available supply rather than turning on GHG emitting sources, it will supply the stored cleaner sources of energy for building’s use.

MicroNOC's patent-pending CVP solution is a collaborative effort made possible by its management team's in-front-of-meter alternative energy experiences and building energy management system expertise worldwide. Throughout the last 4 years MicroNOC engaged with global top tier battery and power system suppliers, utilities, balancing authorities, climate change scholars, real estate and finance professionals, business electricity consumers, electricians, electrical and software engineers, general construction, and mission focused non-profit organizations whom all contributed to the refinement of CVP solution that resulted in the first solution that will be performing behind-the-meter energy storage resources for GHGE reduction while retaining financial value for all stakeholders in 2021, which complies with the most recent FERC Orders 841 and 2222.

JK Kim, CEO of MicroNOC, notes: "2020 results validate our work over the past few years. Given our solution's immense ability to scale and grow, we believe that our solution has the ability to affect great change to many different kinds of people. While setting the foundation for greater grid balance and cleaner energy, our systems can also help business owners save on costly peak demand and energy charges. Once we set up systems and begin operation, there is measurable and immediate impact on grid."

MicroNOC transforms commercial and industrial (C&I) buildings into Property Based Clean Virtual Power (CVP™) Stations providing ‘On-Demand Resources’ to assist the electric grid balancing for electricity producers, suppliers, operators, and users. They are the exclusive winner approved by CPUC to provide capacity service for California’s largest utility company, PG&E, specifically helping with the replacement of 10MW of gas power plant for GHG reduction on CAISO grid using behind-the-meter energy storage systems (BTM-ESS) while reducing electricity costs for users and assist on resiliency. With it’s proprietary solution MicroNOC can turn any qualified C&I building’s electricity usage into CVP’s with just a simple registration, no equipment purchase or leasing required.

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Source: EIN Presswire