The invento/CEOr of the MPGPLUS is retiring

This patented invention makes Inertia visible to the driver after 300 years

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2020 / — The CEO/Inventor of the MPG-PLUSTM is retiring.

“At 81, it’s time for me to retire and pass the torch to a younger visionary individual” stated the inventor, Thomas Delor. “The new candidate will benefit from my 40 years’ experience and 8 years of market study of my patented invention”. Added Delor.

In 1867, Isaac Newton discovered that a pushed object (i.e., car, truck, etc.) will continue to move in the same direction until opposed by an external force. He called that force “Inertia” or “Second Law of Motion.”
Today the driver must rely on the pressure in the vehicle’s vacuum line to drive efficiently to save fuel. US Department of Energy website:

“My patented invention takes in count the vehicle’s Inertia (a free force) to decrease fuel consumption even more and the primary role of my replacement will be to continue to persuade the drivers to change their driving habits, which is not always an easy task.” Concluded Delor.

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Source: EIN Presswire