Novara GeoSolutions Unveils New Geospatial Product in Oil & Gas Industry

StationNav allows users to quickly navigate to pipeline locations, which improves decision-making

NORWELL, MA, USA, July 2, 2018 / — July 2, 2018. Norwell, MA – Novara GeoSolutions (Novara) (, the industry’s leader in geospatial software and services for pipeline assets, announces the launch of a new product that is intuitive and easy to use. Users in the geospatial industry that need the ability to locate specific events and locations based on stationing values can use the StationNav widget, a plug-in for Esri’s Web AppBuilder, to make the process simple and fast.

The StationNav widget allows you to locate and zoom the map window to a specific stationing value along a specified Route, allowing you to execute targeted searches and gather critical information quickly and accurately. By using StationNav, users can be better prepared for on-site inspections, can more efficiently navigate map data, and can identify data inconsistencies without having to leave the office. StationNav can be used across a wide variety of web applications, giving you flexibility to create web apps that give your users the right information at the right time.

Jake Opdahl, Director of Sales for Novara commented, “With a simple interface, you don’t have to be a GIS Analyst to query the records and locations needed, from field tech to executives, StationNav provides a quick and effective tool for any user.”

StationNav is one of many new widgets that Novara is launching. Those interested in learning more about StationNav can reach out to the Novara GeoSolutions team directly by emailing or register for their upcoming webinar, Web Widgets: Changing the Way We Map ( on Jul 25, 2018 at 1:00 PM EDT.


About Novara GeoSolutions
Novara GeoSolutions offers a wide range of GIS, consulting and mapping services including GPS field data collection, regulatory compliance, spatial analysis, geospatial database design and implementation, data loading and validation, web-based GIS application development, PODS data migrations, alignment sheet generation and more. For more information, please visit

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Beneficial-Use Water Pilot Test Solves Key Water Issues

Encore Green

Agricultural Company, Encore Green

Agriculture Company, Encore Green, Turns Oil Well Produced Water into Beneficial-Use Water

“This has changed everything. Our proprietary methodology aids the oil industry by giving them a solution instead throwing away the water. ”

— Darlene Nash, Owner, Encore Green, LLC.

CHEYENNE, WYOMING, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 2, 2018 / — Wyoming based agriculture company, Encore Green, LLC has just released the results of their pilot water test, which took barrels of produced water from an oil well and converted it into water that is ideal for beneficial-use.

This solves potentially three problems at once. The oil industry produces 890 billion gallons of produced (by-product) water in the US each year. With a tiny percentage used for fracking, this water is disposed of, either by injection into the ground or left to evaporate. Meanwhile adjacent to these same oil wells that are producing this water are the nation’s farms and ranches, which are in desperate need of water for crops and herds. At the same time, over in the town, municipalities struggle for relief for the growing demand for water for homes and businesses.

“This has changed everything,” says Encore Green owner, Darlene Nash. “Our proprietary methodology aids the oil industry by giving them a solution instead throwing away the water. The methodology allows the agricultural community to have easy-to-come by water. And if water is not being used for irrigation and herds, then there’s more water for the municipalities. Everybody wins. With such great test results, we have now taken this from theory into practice. “

The primary goal of cleaning the water has been for beneficial use for the agricultural community.

“The test results are remarkable,” says certified professional agronomist, Neil Fehringer from Fehringer Agricultural Consulting. “This water is now good quality irrigation water.”

What makes these results landmark is that the produced water was cleaned within an economic model that is better or the same as the cost of conventional produced water disposal. Previous efforts have typically left one of the participants bearing a higher cost.

“I’m a big believer in that everyone has to win. So, the financial model had to be fair and stay inside the current economic parameters. Encore Green is an agriculture company and our goal has always been to be good stewards of our water. Water is vital to crops, stock, and many other beneficial uses. Now, we can take the billions of barrels of water that we are essentially just throwing away or injecting into the ground and turn them into beneficial-use,” says Marvin Nash.

Encore Green has worked the past year to bring all the parties together for this proof of concept test. Encore Green insists that the victory is, however, not only a technology victory, but rather it’s a victory in methodology.

“There’s a few unique things which we did that simply hadn’t been tried before,” says Encore Green General Manager, Marvin Nash. “We had to develop methods to match the soil DNA with the water DNA to know the right specs to clean the water. We had to find the right partners and we had to get a permit for this. It took much longer than we thought, but we simply stayed with it until we were done.”

“We partnered together the water and soil scientists, engineers, the landowner, the oil company, the cleaning technology company, and then worked with state legislators, the governor’s office, the federal and state permitting groups and all of that brought us to this point of success today. The key is not any one of those groups. The whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. And working together is the only way we are going to solve the water crisis we have.”

Encore Green is open to conversations with citizens concerned about water, the energy industry, ranchers, famers, or local municipalities. To speak with Encore Green, LLC, visit or call 818.470.0285.

Produced water stats:

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New Jersey Mesothelioma Victims Center Now Urges a Navy Veteran with Mesothelioma in New Jersey to Call for On the Spot Access to the Nation's Top Attorneys to Achieve the Top Financial Compensation Results

When it comes to mesothelioma compensation for a US Navy Veteran, it is incredibly important the attorney you hire has years of experience with Navy Veteran asbestos exposure cases.”

— New Jersey Mesothelioma Victims Center

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, July 2, 2018 / — The New Jersey Mesothelioma Victims Center is urging a US Navy Veteran who has just been diagnosed with mesothelioma, or their family to please call them anytime at 800-714-0303 so they do not mistakenly hire an inexperienced lawyer/law firm.

The group offers a Navy Veteran with this rare asbestos cancer direct access to some of the nation's most skilled mesothelioma attorneys who exclusively handle mesothelioma compensation claims on a full-time basis. The mesothelioma lawyers the group suggests frequently get million-dollar settlements for Navy Veterans with mesothelioma-especially if the Veteran was exposed to asbestos in a ship's engine room, engineering, or if they served on a nuclear submarine as they would like to discuss at 800-714-0303. http://NewJersey.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

The New Jersey Mesothelioma Victims Center says, "When it comes to mesothelioma compensation for a US Navy Veteran, it is incredibly important the attorney you hire has years of experience with Navy Veteran asbestos exposure cases. Hiring a local car-accident attorney or personal-injury attorneys to handle a complex mesothelioma compensation claim could result in a navy veteran with mesothelioma getting dramatically shortchanged as we would like to discuss anytime at 800-714-0303. When we mention shortchanged we are referring to hundreds of thousands of dollars-lost.” http://NewJersey.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

The New Jersey Mesothelioma Victims Center has experience helping US Navy Veterans who were exposed to asbestos on the following types of US Navy ships:

* Destroyers

* Frigates

* Air Craft Carriers

* Battleships (Used during the Vietnam War)

* Cruisers

* Fast Attack Submarines (Los Angeles Class)

* Boomers (Ohio Class Submarine)

* Amphibious Assault Ships

* Troop Transport Ships

* Oilers and Cargo Ships

* Navy Tugs/Support Vessels

For a listing of all former and current US Navy ships, please refer to the US Navy's website that addresses these topics.

The New Jersey Mesothelioma Victims Center wants to emphasize theirs is a statewide initiative available to a diagnosed Veteran or person anywhere in New Jersey, including communities such as Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Edison, Toms River, or Trenton. http://NewJersey.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

For the best possible treatment option in New Jersey, the New Jersey Mesothelioma Victims Center strongly recommends the following heath care facility with the offer to help a diagnosed victim or their family get to the right physicians at this hospital. The Rutgers University’s Cancer Institute of New Jersey in New Brunswick:

According to the CDC, the states indicated with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Louisiana, Washington, and Oregon.

High-risk work groups for exposure to asbestos in New Jersey include US Navy Veterans, power plant workers, oil refinery workers, manufacturing or industrial workers, chemical plant workers, plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, machinists, mill workers, printers, welders, boiler technicians, or construction workers. Typically, the exposure to asbestos occurred in the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s or 1980’s. http://NewJersey.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

The Mesothelioma Victims Center is a national advocate 100% focused in on doing everything possible to ensure people with mesothelioma in every state receive the best possible financial compensation settlement. The group offers on the spot access to some of the nation’s most skilled and experienced mesothelioma attorneys because to receive the very best possible financial compensation a diagnosed person must be represented by the most capable mesothelioma lawyers in the United States as they would like to discuss anytime at 800-714-0303. http://MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

For more information about mesothelioma please refer to the National Institutes of Health’s web site related to this rare form of cancer:

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New Jersey Mesothelioma Victims Center
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